since you mentioned travelling – at least inner-country

Reminded these days. In this country over here, an urge to re-request your ID card appears every ten years. What is a good aspect on the one hand – well, faces change and so your own – requires some money spending on the other hand.

To this day, people were happy to pay 10 € for a new deluxe-piece of plastic. I know things change. Things like memories of the past or things like, well, your age. And. We almost forgot: Inflation catches us by the heel. Economy takes us down. So why not spend almost 30 € for your new ID card? You’re right. No reason. So. That’s what we over here will do, soon.

What about increasing prices at your place? Do you have ID cards, at all?

By the way. Having an invalid ID card is no fun, too. It costs you a bill, every time you have to show it to an official. No option. It’s also quite difficult to make trips to foreign countries. Like yours. See you soon…


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