Soccer and Philosophy

Ever thought which teams Nietzsche would have supported? What Socrates and Plato might have in common with Beckenbauer or Pele? How ingenious Ronaldo and Messi are compared to Picasso? Different nations develop obviously different philosophies how to play soccer.

The USA came a long way since Pele signed a contract with Cosmos New York in 1975. Establishing this game here against the dominating power of American Football, Baseball, Basketball and Ice Hockey took and takes dedicated minds. Their philosophy of “together we never give up”, which culminated also in the latest success by reaching the Round of 16 at the 2010 FIFA World Cup, showed that team effort and standing in for each other is the kind of social behavior which leads to success. A philosophy this country needs to develop urgently also in other fields.

Atomizing a society with the camouflaging definition to support individuality, instead of building strong social and economical networks by using individual talents and potentials for a common goal, will be as devastating as letting 11 highly skilled Brazilian soccer players doing whatever they want, but not serve the big picture, which is the success of the team. Whenever Brazilian coaches were able to communicate a common vision to their gifted stars and orchestrated their efforts, they succeeded, if not, they failed. And – Who ever will win this championship – fact is: It will be again the result of a team effort, a success based on a common  approach and shared philosophy, superbly executed by individuals.



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