Question of the day: Who’s Olaf Schubert

So it was you who brought us to philosophy.

Thinking about it and reading the daily news over here, two things came together. Philosophy and television.

Television and philosophy don’t work very well together – at least most of the times and in terms of commercial success. So one of the few channels trying to walk on this path is 3sat. Re-arranging their prime-time shows they really plan to focus on philosophy. Well, maybe with elements of comedy, because a well-known face is involved:

Olaf Schubert.

It’s not his real name. I don’t even know, if he really comes from the east, which is what his stand-up focuses on.

But. This could be an interesting combination…

I wouldn’t say that this will be my favourite TV-programm in the near future, but it leads me to the idea to ask you. West of the atlantic, what’s your most-viewed show over there? And why, of course? No need to mention something philosophical.


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