Link of the day: Fatherland Blog

We have our little transatlantic diablog from east to west and back. Kathy Ebel has made a trip and then a blog out of it. For her very own reasons. It’s very nice to read. Hope you like it, west of the atlantic.

A short excerpt, the link and the relation to our recent topic television after the jump…

It turned out, Kathy Ebel was a writer for the US TV Crime Show Cold Case.

[…] I’m a native New Yorker who grew up in Boerum Hill when it was still the ‘hood, went to Barnard, and now lives in exile in Los Angeles, where I write for film and TV. I just came off a season writing on the cop show COLD CASE […]

Kathy Ebel

Photo: Screenshot of Kathy Ebel’s Blog


3 thoughts on “Link of the day: Fatherland Blog

  1. Yesterday evening I’ve watched ‘Au Revoir Les Enfants’, a movie from 1987 by Louis Malle and which I somehow missed before. It’s a very moving film, about two students at a boarding school in France during WW II — the French-Catholic Julien Quintin (Gaspard Manesse) and the Jewish Jean Bonnet (Raphael Fejto). Although the boys begin as adversaries, they soon find common ground, especially when it becomes clear that Jean is merely trying to survive the tyranny of the Nazis.

    Obviously Kathy’s Family was lucky enough to get out of that tyranny and I’m really impressed that she aims to live in Germany again and even wants to be a German citizen again. Somehow that is very encouraging and reflects the fact that the new Germany is appealing and attractive.


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