Amazing Facts: Names that make a town

When going on a journey it’s important to know where to go. Meaning: to know the name of the place, or town, or building you want to go… or at least of the ones you don’t want to end at. It’s sometimes not just helpful, but also very funny.

I recently took a trip here in the area east of the atlantic. In one of the nice German Bundeslaender – small states in the state – I realized that it’s not neccessary to cross the Atlantic to be in Kalifornien [California]. Some Google Maps research proves it…

Some more funny names after the jump…

You say. Should we just stop this transatlantic diablog thing now? I’ve already been in California. What else to do now?

Maybe looking for some other interesting names of towns over here.

My top 5:

1. Ägypten (Egypt)
2. Oberhammer (Awesome)
3. Vier Haeuser (Four Houses)
4. Alfhausen (ALF Town)
5. Ohnewitz (Without a Joke)

Much bigger country over there. So much more funny names from you to expect? The next village near Kalifornien [California] is called Brasilien [Brasil], by the way.


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