Bicycle Hype – The Rebirth Project

Will Americans neglect or dump their precious cars and revert to bikes? Of course that will not happen – the bicycle path infrastructure of most cities in this big country is simply not developed for that – yet. But indications are there that something is changing.

18.2 million bicycles were sold in the US in 2008. And beside buying new bikes there is a growing request for vintage bikes, recycled bikes, customized bikes, which reflect potential users individual design needs and desire for uniqueness.

Around the corner from me, a smart guy established a business, which focuses on that. In his Huntington Beach workshop, Donnell Brown, renown and yet incognito, assembles and recycles bicycles as your heart desires.

A vintage BMX 1985 Cycle Pro freestyle-ACS Z- MAGS, or Torker 180x, are just two out of many options, which go through a rebirth project and find there way back to use. Colorful and yet with a green soul.


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