Amazing facts: A beamer – different language, different meaning

A linguistic discussion over here has recently been heated up again. More and more English and American words are added to our vocabulary over here. Well it’s a question of time and the importance of the language – so we use it for the transatlantic diablog, too. But are the too many? Will our “own” words be forgotten soon? I don’t think so.

Many years ago many of the words of our language over here had a French origin. Now it’s English. But there’s only one little problem. The cool people of the marketing and advertising world try to invent new words or meanings for English words.

Some nice examples? Here you go…

1. A classic: What you might call cell phone is called Handy over here.

2. People who gather to watch a soccer match on a public screen are part of a Public-Viewing.

3. The device to project an image or movie on a wall is called Beamer.

4. A male model names himself a Dressman.

5. An at least 25-year-old car is called Oldtimer.

6. Your TV host is our Showmaster.

But you have stolen some words, too. Haven’t you? Zeitgeist, Kindergarten,…?

So if you know some more add them below… Tell us your opinion about foreign words in your language, too.



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