Law of equality: the Grundgesetz

Speaking about marriages and same rights and duties for the married – whatever their gender – it all starts and ends with the main law over here. The Grundgesetz. Established in 1949, it assures the basic rights of every man or woman in the country.

Recently the Bundesgerichtshof, the highest court over here, refered to article 3 of the Grundgesetz while deciding about another aspect of same-sex marriages. Article 3 makes sure that every man or woman is treated equally.

Following that, the inheritance law was modified. Same taxes for everybody who’s living in an official partnership. While those partnerships’ rights were improved, the rights of unmarried dads were also enhanced. Animony not just for women, but also vica versa.

Good to have laws, and people working for equality…


One thought on “Law of equality: the Grundgesetz

  1. It’s quite ironic that the godfathers of the German Grundgesetz were actually Americans, who were in charge to establish a democracy in Germany after WWII. Looking at the behavior and attitude of a lot of their successors here, you would never think so.


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