Where To Go In Southern California (Part 01)

As you might have expected my friend from East of the Atlantic, I’m not focusing on the country / continent. I’m picking some highlights here in Southern California, which are not necessarily mentioned in your regular tourist guides, but yet offer a lot of pleasure and fun. Starting in Los Angeles I would recommend to go early morning downtown, have a breakfast burrito and then check out the fashion district.

It spans 100 blocks and  it’s all here. Although the majority of business in the LA Fashion District is dedicated to wholesale business, retail shopping is a vital part of the District’s landscape. The LA Fashion District is a bargain hunter’s paradise, with over 1,000 stores that sell to the general public at wholesale discounted prices. Shoppers can expect to find bargains of 30% to 70% off of retail prices.

Not far away is Little Tokyo, a must destination for anybody , who loves authentic Japanese food. Right there one also finds the Japanese American National Museum and a venue for Contemporary Art. The MOCA occupies here a second location called the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Presently one shows a major retrospective of Dennis Hopper, curated by his longtime friend, the artist Julian Schnabel – very cool and full of memories related to the last 50 years.

Going South you might want to check out L.A. harbor, the largest harbor of the west coast, located in  San Pedro. The Port of Los Angeles adjoins the separate, Port of Long Beach, employs over 16,000 people, and is the busiest container port in the USA. From here our trip takes us on the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) through the diverse Beach Towns. Seal Beach still very authentic, Huntington Beach, a major tourist hub and officially called Surf City USA, Newport Beach, mainly loved by the nouveaux riches, successful entrepreneurs and also offering the largest amount of surgeons , who are specialized in enhancing and remodeling any body part, you can imagine.

A little inland North/ East in Costa Mesa, you’ll find SoCal’ s largest shopping mall, South Coast Plaza, where you can watch, what a lot of my fellow Americans like to do the most. Further South a former artist colony, called Laguna Beach, breath taking located in the hills around a lovely bay, turned into a conglomerate of souvenir shops, eateries and more then 100 galleries, which offer mainly decorative and representational art.

Nearby a beautiful natural resort and state park called Crystal Cove is the ideal location for a day at the beach and to enjoy the cold deep blue water of the Pacific Ocean. Just let me know, when you come…




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