Book or friend: the best-selling literature right here, right now

Trusting the slogan “You are what you read”, this one here shows what the people of my country are like. Or maybe some of them. The Spiegel magazine, which – judged by its cover, looks a bit like your Time magazine, publishes a weekly list of the best-selling books over here. Sorted by categories. Fiction or non-fiction. Paperback or hardcover.

Paperback fiction sells best when the Swedish thriller-writer Henning Mankell tells a story. His latest effort “The Chinese” is about a massacre in Sweden which surprisingly relates with China. The book was only beaten by Simon Beckett’s “Leichenblaesse [Whispers of the Dead]” setting in Smoky Mountains and focusing on a murder.

Hardcover fiction: “House of Night 03. Erwaehlt [Chosen/House of Night 3.]” by Kristin Cast and P. C. Cast. Reading the text on the book’s back it sounds a lot like a Vampire story.

Hardcover non-fiction: A book by Kirsten Heisig about young criminals. The author is a judge in Berlin who finds unusual ways to deal with them…

People buy a non-fictional paperback book, they mostly buy a book edited by Martin Doerry and Markus Verbeet. It simply asks: “How good is your general education?” On spot #2 another book edited by The Spiegel itself. “Sorry, we’ve missed the runway” features the best and most ridiculous mishaps in and around airplanes. Collected by the readers of the magazine.

Conclusion: The people over here seem to be vampires caught in global conspiracies who are dumb enough to escape with an aircraft… – I don’t think so.

What’s readable or not on your side of the Atlantic, West?


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