Link of the day: Pillar Box Post

“Pillar Box Post is my digital version of a handwritten letter…complete with my photos, clipped snippets from magazines/web and basically all the things that I love, but without the postage. I’m a graphic designer, originally from Pennsylvania, but have made England my home for the past fve years.” [source]

So she’s from west of the Atlantic, now living on the east side. Almost enough to feature her as part of our “Link of the day” series. Almost…

We were stumbling on the blog by looking for some new work of Scottish photographer and artist Adrian Brannan. After finding those collages there, we couldn’t stop browsing through her blog. Brittany has made it out of a tremendous archive of design, fashion and art – not only from the streets of London. Her nice photos (don’t know if she made them all by herself) and funny words make a good mixture.

For people west of the Atlantic who like the 60s, we recommend this Cut Out Set. Well, for the eastsiders it is nice, too.

P.S.: We’ve heard you like bikes, Brittany? And by the way. The quote above is copy-pasted. There’s an “i” missing somewhere. Never mind!

Collage: Screenshot of Brittany’s blog



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