Germany: The Coffee Land

Every statement needs a proof. Here it is: We drink almost 150 litres of it every year – as always: to average.

(cup cover apparently found)

September 24, 2010 is national day of coffee over here. And while I still guess how to celebrate it in all its glory – West will be in town then – the German coffee association says that people more and more often choose a special product when drinking coffee. Espresso, cappuccino,… often single-portions… and often at home (75 percent of those 150 litres).

While the overall consumption of coffee is increasing, the consumption of fair-traded coffee is not… Maybe a question of the price. Those products are a bit more expensive than 1.90 USD for a pound.

The German coffee association also states that coffee smells good, keeps you awake, is an important product of worldwide trade and the world’s most famous hot drink… [sourcein German] That’s obvious, but not all the news I could get.

True or not. Coffee can also stimulate your brain and hold off Alzheimer’s disease. Scientists found out that people who drink three to five cups of coffee a day had a decreased risk of becoming ill (65 percent). (On the other hand they could also only sleep two nights a week…)



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