Controversial: Things vividly discussed over here at the moment…

Be prepared West, when you enter our country in the next weeks. These are the things you have to have an opinion about when domestic small talkers get you.

– Was Jogi Loew, our national soccer coach, right when he said Michael Ballack is still the team’s leader? Or should it be the younger Philip Lahm?

– Are you pro or con Stuttgart 21? This is the very bold project to re-built the town’s central train station in the underground. Could be expensive…

– What do you think about the recent situation of politics (although some might say, it’s an unwritten law in our country not to smalltalk about politics)? Economy crisis, discussions about immigration and integration…

– Is the system of schools and teaching still up to date? Recently, our universities and schools were rated a bit low in the world…

That’s what we talk about over here. Anything to add from the eastside?


2 thoughts on “Controversial: Things vividly discussed over here at the moment…

  1. Number two of the 4-point-list seems to be one step further now. After a month of negotiations involving both sides of the topic, a mediator (the former politician Heiner Geißler) has presented his ideas to solve the problem. Stuttgart 21 now should be names S21+. This means the project won’t be stopped, but needs further improvements


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