Mixing the topics: We get older not dumber, but we loose some names along the way

A higly controversial book was recently published over here. I don’t want to give its author, a (former) leading head of the German Bundesbank, the time and space he demanded. But I take the topic as a starting point. The book is entitled – loosely translated – “Germany abrogates itself”. While the author brings some very arguable assumptions about immigration, I want to look at the aging of the country’s population. This could be a much more relevant development in terms of a “shrinking” country.

Not to make the author’s mistakes to take wrong figures or interprete them in a wrong way, I highlight it on a much more personal level. If a society lacks children it has an uncertain future. Problems like unemployment maybe become less prominent. Other problems appear. Maybe names will disappear. Which is sad, because we have some very nice ones over here. Take Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, a liberal politician. Or Gabriele Krone-Schmalz, a famous journalist. Those long names often are the result of marriages. Today in Germany every family has 1.4 children to average. Some more, some less.

Families with less children have less chances to keep their family-names alive. Even the name Sarrazin could be forgotten soon – assuming no children are born having this name.



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