Best of diablog SPAM: Do you know how to stop…

Well this is a topic, too. East and west of the Atlantic. Spam. In your mailbox. In your physical mailbox. And even the transatlantic diablog is not spared. Here we are, presenting you some of the best of the best. This is part 1 of the series…

We proudly present this SPAM attack added as a comment to this one of our posts: “Do it yourself: How to be east and west of the Atlantic at the same time…”

Before you start guessing which product seems to fit it best, just look here (you wouldn’t get it right anyway):

It’s Acne.

The product is called “Accutane”. A name maybe contructed with the word “acutance” in mind? Accutane is a threat to every form of “severe acne”, as the product description says. The problem is it also is a threat to the global ecomomy, because it also “completely stops oil production”. No acne, but also no petrol for your car. Hmmm.

Two great links are added to the SPAM comment. Firstly: “accutane start to work”. And secondly: “accutane oklahoma”. Ehm. Yes…

We know that acne really is a problem. Maybe the product helps the suffering people. But it’s also funny SPAM…

Do you have some nice ones, too?



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