Striking for a reason – Good tradition or fatal mission?

An interesting fact at first: Swiss train engineers earn almost twice as much money as the German drivers (2,500 to 4,500 Euros – to average).

So no surprise that from time to time the related labor union of those who work for the Deutsche Bahn AG tend to strike. For those or other reasons.

One of the first strikes documented was in the year 1159 before Christ. Workers in Egypt stopped building the king’s graves after Paharao Ramses III. hadn’t paid a single coin to them for 18 days. It’s necessary over here to strike with a labor union if you do so. You cannot stop working as a single person without consequences. Main rule of stiking.

How happy a daily train-traveller could be, after reading that it’s time for striking in the coming week? It’s always a bit difficult to understand both sides. Workers and managers. What is easy to understand is that if you work hard you should be rewarded fairly. So striking is a way to show strenght. Sadly, it’s sometimes a problem for customers  – or in this case travellers. Those who pay for a ticket and need a train to get to work or anywhere else…

Good to have labor unions over here. But good to have a bike for the coming weeks, too.


2 thoughts on “Striking for a reason – Good tradition or fatal mission?

  1. So it’s striking time again. Today we can present another nice parade of various people who do so. Train engineers. Teachers. And workers of a well-known company of telecommunication. Let’s see who will get what they want…


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