How to write a post that must be featured on… and how not.

A guideline for ambitious diablogger east and west of the Atlantic – if it makes a difference in any way?

1. Find a headline for your new number 1 post

Headlining is like golddigging. It’s the best way to catch some readers on their way through the deep internet. So it’s more like fishing, really. But how to find a good one? First step: Check out what other bloggers have done. Meaning: Other succesful bloggers. shows their posts on the front page. It’s important to enter a territory of common interest. Like food or money or… animals. Animals are cute. Always attract readers. Born is your new headline. “How to make my cat earn more money than myself by giving her better food“. It’s also always helpful to add a “how to…” to the headline. Well, see above…

2. Write the text and add a nice photo

Again. The photo must show a plate of pasta or your cat with a funny hat… or a photo of a place where money is given away for free. If you have such a photo. Forget the text.

3. Tell the world and web about your post

First step: Be sure you know where the post is at. The post’s URL helps you. You can copy it. Paste it. Write it on your room’s walls… But be aware: You better write it on a wall that more than one person can see (make sure it’s legal). But there are other ways to spread the link, too. Sending emails to people. Posting it on dangerous facebook,… You might know some other places…

4. Make your own statistics

Go to the computer of a friend and enter your blog. Next step is to klick on your new number 1 post for maybe fourhundred and twenty times. Now forget that you did it. Go home. Check your site stats and be happy.

5. Repeat those four steps over and over

… and over. Or look for help to do so. Because you now know “How to make my cat earn more money than myself by giving her better food”.

It’s all so easy. So why don’t we get featured on every day? Maybe because we do it differently. Check out what we write about.


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