“The End of The American Dream”

The country seems lethargic in a very non-American way — or perhaps it’s just the new American way. The demonization of political opponents, the end of debates, the condemnation of intellect — these are all ominous signs. Our society has a tough time to face a new reality, which is to acknowledge America’s days as the number one country in the world are over and that anything but a common effort will not restore that position.

More statements on the political situation in the United States by our editor from west of the Atlantic.

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Lobby paid politicians, obeying Wall Street moguls and worshiping the industrial military complex, have lost a long time ago any connection to problems of less privileged parts of the society and successfully destroyed the American middle class. Poor education of the masses and to be continued for the majority guarantees that most of the people have no clue and understanding about the complexity of the challenge.

The ‘tea party’ movement has enjoyed a comet-like rise since last year. It provides a haven for voters for whom the mainstream Republican Party is not conservative enough, and its popularity is widely attributed to dissatisfaction with US President Barack Obama, an anti-establishment attitude  and frustration with the lackluster US economy.

Rand Paul, the son of the quirky former presidential candidate Ron Paul refers to America as “exceptional” and to himself as a “constitutional conservative.” He has strange views about race, opposes abortion, doesn’t trust the Federal Reserve Bank, hates deficits, promotes gun ownership, wants to keep the prison camp at Guantanamo Bay in operation and to do away with the US Department of Education.

Many observers expect his rise will force the Republican Party to move further to the right. It fatally reminds me to the rise of the NSDAP in Germany, which led to Adolf Hitler and 60 Million dead people only 15 years later.




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