What’s new in 2011 – apart from the “11”

According to a recent survey from over here in Germany, 56 percent of the people have an optimistic idea of 2011. It’s the highest score since 2000. Just 13 percent face the new year with fear. Some changes may appear anyway.

1. No more compulsory military service
Question: The alternative civilian service is also gone. Who will do this very important work?

2. More longer (25 metres) trucks
Question: Where to find a place to park those trucks when every rest stop is already over-crowded with the normal ones?

3. No more light bulbs of 60 watts
Question: Will it be darker in the country now?

4. More money for an air ticket due to higher taxes for the airlines
Question: Why do the travellers have to pay for it in full?

Any news on the westside of the Atlantic?




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