The transatlantic diablog award 2010 – Beginning of the aftermath

The winner of the 2010 transatlantic diablog award is “Life at the End of the Road“.

And as many of their and our readers say, it’s highly deserved.

Gary B. says: “[…] a way of putting your own life in perspective so that you are less likely to take everyday for granted.”

MrsMac comments: “Life at the End of the Road is good for the soul (and the ageing Hippies amongst us!).”

Anja puts it in a nutshell: “It’s just amazing how one can make daily doings so interesting that you’re looking forward to the next entry! Living at a remote place, faced with problems you never think about – and solving it!But also remarks about politics, climate and what else some more people could/should think about. Shows how connected all our lives are and what consequences may our aktions have. Gives me some inspiring thoughts about my way of life so.”

Don’t be sad for all the other blogs. They’re second best. That’s really cool. Not the first of the losers, just not winning. That’s all. Thank you very much for anticipating. If you haven’t already done it. Contact us (mail or comment down below) and you get some extras for this year of blogging.

The transatlantic diablog award returns in 2011… The transatlantic diablog is online 24/7.

More soon…



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