The New York Log – No. 2: Downsides of living in NYC (Part 1)

More revelations of our guest-editor from the city that Frank Sinatra (and many, many more) sang about.

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Preamble: I love living in NYC, there are countless reasons to love the city that never sleeps. But of course the city has its bad sides as well. Which maybe makes it even lovelier, just like your girlfriend, when she’s grunting while she’s laughing.

Surprises in the shower: There’s even a Seinfeld episode about the common problem of low water pressure and it truly is a problem that is on the mind of a New Yorker at any given time. But you get used to it pretty soon. What you don’t get used to, are other incidents. When you stumble to the bedroom after way too little sleep and realize that there’s a huge roach sitting right next to the drain. Or the fact that the shower head sprinkled you in a nice red-brown color, in spite that fact that you’re already running late for work/class.

Times Square: Every tourist needs to see this place on 42nd. Don’t ask me why, but that’s how it is. And since there are millions of tourists in the city at any given day, there are at least thousands of tourists (and a few thousand unlucky commuters) at Times Square. That’s why you try to avoid this place, since even after getting used to living in an overcrowded city you still feel the justified fear of getting crushed to death.

An often overlooked danger especially for tall people: Rain. As soon as a drop hits the ground, thousands of people open their umbrellas at once. Since I’m taller than most people but yet not freakishly tall, the pointy ends of the aforementioned umbrellas are at my eye level and I need to rush to the next subway stop to avoid getting my eye poked out by some cute French couple huddle against each other embracing this romantic moment while at the same time endangering a poor German passerby.

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