This is not a blog-post, this is an April Fool – … and Europe invented it (some extra knowledge here, too…)

It could be so easy: Telling a story on April 1st that maybe someone thinks is the truth. We don’t do that and rather explain why we fool people on this day. On both sides of the Atlantic.

The game was invented in Europe in the 16th or 17the century. There are various ideas floating around when and where it was invented. Later it came to North America – together with the immigrants from Europe.

Extra knowledge: Did you know that the smallest boat that ever crossed the Atlantic was also named “April Fool”? US-citizen  Hugo Vihlen – born in 1932 – just spend 23 days on the sea with this boat in 1968 and then landed on Florida’s shore (almost: Coast Guards caught him 22 miles offshore, because they thought his boat had sunk). He started his “short-trip” in Casablanca, Morocco. If you are interested in spotting the boat, just travel to the Mariners Museum in Newport News, Virginia. It’s there.


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