The New York Log – No. 3: Where and how to meet famous people

The latest New York Log from our guest-editor introduces you to well-known faces and gives a good advice…

While living in NYC it is bound to happen one day: A celebrity sighting. New York City is relatively small and Manhattan even more so. In such a densely populated area it just seems logical that one of the thousands of people you’re seeing is famous for some reason.

I’m not an expert on this, since I only know the A-, B- and parts of the C-list, while I’ve got the feeling that the average American is that versed in pop-culture that they know every person that has ever been on television, in a paper or has been gossiped about by old ladies during coffee.

The famous people I met were actually all actors. I met the tiny Gael García Bernal at the after Premiere party of one of his movies at the Tribeca film festival. Today I still haven’t seen the film but a friend of mine works at the festival and she put me on the guest list which to me (and I guess the majority of the people attending the party) meant “open bar, hell yeah!”

During my internship at a Tribeca based production company, I came to the office only to run into John Leguizamo, who was talking to my bosses, who happen to be his friends, about producing a movie for which he wrote the screenplay and intended to star in. I read it and really liked it, but my bosses thought of it as not weird enough for their portfolio.

But these two were just a second grade celebrity sightings, since the one guy was supposed to be at his own film’s premiere and the other one was working on his film. My only “real” celebrity sighting, as defined by the fact that you have to meet them in their private time, was Meg Ryan, which passed me on the street in Tribeca. She actually looked pretty good; better than in her film “In the Cut” which I happened to see in class a couple of days before. And in which she was naked. But the system of “seeing her naked on film, then meet her a couple of days later in real life” didn’t work out for me when I watched “Hotel Chevalier” the next day.

So my piece of advice for all celebrity crazed readers would be to just wander around Tribeca all day long, since out of my personal experience this seems to be the place to meet them.

Oh, and my piece of advice for all future professors, teachers, etc.: If you want your students to move closer towards you and not just squeeze themselves to last rows of the classroom, just put a good-looking young movie star in the first row.

Ever since James Franco („Spiderman“, „Milk“, and now even Academy Award nominee/host) was sitting in my “Sci-Fi, Horror and difference”-class, the distribution of students changed significantly from the beginning of the semester, when he was absent since he was starring in a movie.

Any thoughts or even spotted stars from you?

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