Chancellor Merkel speaks German – Most of the times… (blooper alert)

In recent times it’s very easy and not very creative to say something against chancellor Angela Merkel and her team. But this is one is quite funny and not related to her work. Just a little mistake.

Our chancellor Angela Merkel once held a speech at her party’s annual conference. She spoke for about 100 minutes which might explain the little mistakes she made.

In Germany we have three different articles for male, female and neuter nouns (“der”, “die” and “das”). Miss Merkel used just one for all nouns. Saying something like: “Wir brauchen die Frieden, die Kraft, die Freiheit und die Wohlstand.” Two of four were right. “Kraft” (strength or power) is a female noun. “Freiheit” (freedom), too. While “Frieden” (peace) is a male noun. “Wohlstand” (wealth) also really needs a male article. It’s amusing to watch her saying the words, because she doesn’t really care about her mistakes… Check out the video. It’s at the 0:22 minutes mark.

As many foreign people say: German is a complicated language. And they are right.

Video: Copyrighted by ZDF Heute-Show and broadcast via user “solakiDE” on YouTube.


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