The New York Log – No. 5: New York smells (great)

It’s interesting to realize how often we connect experiences with smells. Try it out for yourself… And then read number 5 of our much anticpated New York Log.

It’s below/after the jump…

If you come from Europe to New York City most of your senses will have to adjust to the overload of sensual experiences. Landing in Newark at night and seeing the illuminated Manhattan Skyline shining like thousands of diamonds for the first time is something you’ll probably won’t forget in your life. But other the other senses get a treat as well, from listening to a variety of music ranging from artists in the subway to Broadway musicals, to tasting food from some of the best restaurants in the world to feeling a weird stranger groping you in an MTA car.

But those are pretty much well known to everybody who has seen the city on TV or in the movies. Something that I wasn’t prepared to encounter at all were the different smells of the city. The one that you notice first can be noticed when you walk in the streets, but even if you enter a bar. Everything in the city has this chlorine smell to it. I still don’t know if this has its roots in the chlorine in the water that is used to clean the streets and bars or if there are any other reasons to them.

The other smell that I associate with NYC is the one of coal grilled meat. Especially the one that has its origin in the thousands of street vendors selling hot dogs and meat that has been on the grill for way too long. Vegetarians might have a problem with this one but as a carnivore who loves all sorts of BBQ, this is one of the reasons why I love the city.

Tell us your stories. Any places or feelings you instantly remember with a special smell in the air?

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