Link of the day: USA Erklärt [Explaning the USA]

In our eternal attempt to make blogs and cool websites more successful and public, we now like to present this one. USA Erklärt [explained] is a nice piece of work that tries to help German people understand their US friends.

Maybe you wanna know why American people laugh when they leave a German Autobahn?

In this area of misunderstanding original meanings we recently discovered the new book of German author and TV-host Markus Kavka. His novel is titled “Rottenegg” – after a small Bavarian village. Well, to you the English-speaking people: it could mean something else. And yes. The author knows about it…

But now back to the featured blog. Read it in German oder the English version.

Information about the author here.

And finally, another weird but interesting post from this website.

Artwork: Treated screenshot of the blog “USA Erklärt”



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