ZENSUS in Germany: Your country wants you… (or at least some information on you)

Where will new schools be built? New streets? Supermarkets? There where enough people live who use them. But where is it? Questions the German government first asked itself and then (since two weeks) the people of Germany. This formal process of asking is called ZENSUS.

“In accordance with European Union (EU) legislation, all the Member States are required to take censuses of population and housing every ten years from 2011. To ensure comparability of the results at European level, all Member States have to provide information on a specified range of variables.” [source]

10 percent of the Germans are the lucky few who are interviewed.

Although “data protection is warranted with the Census” there are a few people who ask themself if it is their will to give away those information. Companies could use it – for whatever… There are a few careful people, but in times of facebook not as much as in 1987. The, to this date, last ZENSUS was held back then.

Final question: What do you think? Were there enough information spread before the ZENSUS started? Did all people knew something about the process?



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