New York City 1968: Vintage Impressions – A look back by video camera…

We all know today’s New York City. But what was it like in 1968? No internet and cell phones. Today every single bit of every place is observable. We can zoom in and zoom out as long as and to which place we like. That was different 40 years ago.

How did the Hudson river look back then? The Statue of Liberty? A mobile sausages selling point? And most of all: the people?

With this previously unreleased video the transatlantic diablog zooms back to New York City in 1968. Normal life. No film set or newspaper photo with a slightly altered reality. That’s the real New York.

People still had not landed on the moon, but it was a race between Russia and the USA. Lyndon B. Johnson was America’s President. TV-host John V. Lindsay  the mayor of New York City.

The Billboard Magazine named “Hey Jude” by The Beatles the track of the year.

New York City 1968. Our camera was rolling in the streets of the city


4 thoughts on “New York City 1968: Vintage Impressions – A look back by video camera…

  1. I just returned from my first trip to New York City – – and I loved being there. Such as alive place! Walking for blocks took me from one culture to another in a matter of minutes. There’s an incredible Mediterrean grocery on Lexington near 28th or so with shelves and shelves of spices, rices, and jars of dried fruit. Times Square was overwhelming, and I would love to sit in Bryant Park every warm summer Friday night. The whole visit was a rush for this girl from the West Coast.


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