Thruthdig may lead to common dreams

Qui tacet consentit. He who remains silent consents. I think this is why so many unpleasant things start to unfold in this once great country. If a majority of citizens prefers to  stay silent it creates the notion that it agrees with all those actions been taken by a minority (like the tea party) or special interest groups (lobbyists funded by Corporations). Many people remain silent as they are misled…

by one sided information in wide parts of mass media, never heard of or were shown an alternative, never were taught critical thinking to start with. Some citizens simply keep quiet because they live in the illusion to belong in one of these days also to that minority, which controls the public opinion. Personally I’ve always preferred to develop an opinion based on  different perspectives and  point of views.  I just dig a little deeper and use the advantage of our global network. Drilling Beneath the Headlines Daily you may want to Join the Movement – For the greater good!




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