Car Nostalgia in Red, White and Blue

As the talk about politics, religion and sex, might get easily out of control, especially if the present people at e.g. a party may have different views about it and even more so, if the lack of tolerance and poor knowledge of facts widen the gap between the involved participants – we rather prefer to put the focus on harmless issues like the old days and their glamorous attributes, when we spend some time with each other.

Interior of a 1956 Cadillac

Older cars representing the lifestyle and spirit of the Fifties are a major attraction for a lot of people here and the amount of car shows featuring the subject matter is astounding. Thoroughly detailed and polished to an extreme, the object of desire is proudly presented to the awing visitors, talks are focusing primarily on the subject matter, the dollars invested in these toys and possible revenue, in case one can part with it and put it up for auction.

The only political comment one might hear is a remark about the difference in price, we face today, when it comes to fill up the gas tank – but our opinion about that links us in solidarity and for once we all feel united like in the good old days. God bless our car fetish or fetish car!? Whatever?



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