The Man of the Traffic-Lights gets 50! [Post includes Follower-Bonus]

It’s been half a century now that he first saw the light of day. This walking or standing man here. The traffic-light man in green and red. It shows pedestrians when to walk and when to avoid being crashed by others. Cars only get red, green and yellow lights…

The traffic light man was born in East Germany (invented by his “father” Karl Peglau). And since he, the man, is 50 years old now, it was around the time the Berlin Wall was actually built (1961). Germans call him the “Ampelmännchen”, which means little man of the traffic lights. It’s much shorter in German, by the way.

As the amount of traffic grew the world decided to invent special traffic lights. First the German lights were similar to the ones in New York City (invented around 1952), simply saying “walk” or “wait”. That was later changed to make the message clear, even to people who could not read or write…

In 2004 the first female traffic light man (!) was presented to the public in the town of Dresden.

For our followers we present a special bonus in our  to celebrate this anniversary. It’s a free visual download


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