Seriously! Who Is This Guy?

First we thought: Wow, cool. This is a nice little gift by WordPress for us. A little game. Then we thought that this attempt of advertising something goes a bit too far, because… well because! Who is this guy?

We spend a few hours of checking the international database of known and unknown boxers. He’s not amongst them. Not even among the very unknown boxers of the world.

On a sidenote: Would you fight against him? He’s jumping from left to right like a bunny.

We really like the blue gloves he wears. But why should we wear them, too? Why does the ad pop up literally minutes after the page loads? Too much white space below our text. That’s what we think.

If you are a very lucky reader you might spot the original image of this boxing-machine below. Just have a look. And if you must feature this interesting thing on your blog, too give, post the link to it below. We just wanna show…

Last question: This is an ad for an online game, right? Just asking because there’s not a single word there. No brand, no name of the game and still: Who is this guy? Some nice ideas below, too…

In the meantime we’re looking forward to “present” some nice ads for cars, books, or books about cars… Whenever this will be…


More humor here



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