Music from the Métro – Paris’ longest stage

(Photos: All screenshots of the featured/related videos)

If the musicians are pretty good, music in underground stations can be very entertaining. Otherwise it’s quite annoying. So what to do?

In Paris, France musicians even have to undergo a casting to be one of five new street musicians – officially approved by their town. The likes of Keziah Jones or the recently discovered Zaz were among the chosen few in the last years.

More songs below more photos after the jump…



So for a day-ticket of 6,30€ you can have as much good music as you want. Listen to whatever you want. For those who didn’t make it to Paris we have conducted a little blend of various styles and performers. Listen to all of them – there are five, as expected – an decide who you like most.



If you like to tell us which artist you like most, do it below.



3 thoughts on “Music from the Métro – Paris’ longest stage

  1. The metro musicians of Paris are quite something – I recently saw a group of about 10 guys playing in Concorde. Amazing! However, musicians can be hazardous – encountering an boisterous accordian is highly incompatible if you have, for instance, overindulged on champagne the night before! 😉


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