Weekend Adventures East and West of the Atlantic: “Would you do Mieders Alpine Coaster?”

So this is the question of the day. Would you take a ride on this Sommerrodelbahn (rollercoaster) in Austria?

YouTuber David J Ellis was brave enough to climb up the hill, fix a camera and then do the trip.

Watch the video (the second half of the clip is quite cool) and decide for yourself. Tell us what you think. Yes or no never?

Artwork: Screenshot of the video by Mr. Ellis


One thought on “Weekend Adventures East and West of the Atlantic: “Would you do Mieders Alpine Coaster?”

  1. First of all, thanks for stopping by my blog, for liking one of my posts, and for choosing to follow me! I’ve checked out your blog in return and really, really like it. I particularly like the great variety of topics you cover, which is something that I also aspire to, rather than being a single-topic blog.

    Also, the whole transatlantic theme is brilliant!

    As for this post, wow! I can’t believe how long a ride that is! And you say he climbed up the hill before coming down, rather than taking a chairlift?!

    Anyway, I don’t think I’d be brave enough to do that, just because that kind of speed is unnerving to me

    That said, it looks like the design of this track includes a sled that’s fixed to the rail and that it can’t derail. That’s different from the only thing I have done that compares, which was called an Alpine Slide, and looks like this.



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