The 2011 transatlantic diablog award – Three new nominations by Rachael Harris, A and Tom Arms!

Thank you very much to all of our readers for contributing and nominating. We have three more blogs nominated now. The list gets longer and is almost ready to be voted on. Official voting – open for everybody – starts December 15.

But before that: There’s some space left to nominate a blog. Do it here. And here are the three nominations by Rachael Harris, A and Tom Arms:


Blog Name: Love Thy Bike

Nominated Post: “Cycling Cornwall’s Clay Trail

Location: East of the Atlantic

Nominated by: Rachael Harris

Why: “If you know Cornwall only by the famous Pilcher movies, check this out.”

Rachael Harris says: “With the pictures and fantastic descriptions you almost feel you are there yourself, sun baking down on your back and dust in your nostrils. Although I have a bike, I have to admit to not being such an avid rider. However, after having read this blog, I could see myself “Cycling Cornwalls Clay Trail” too! Thanks for the great blog.


Blog Name: Not War and Peace

Nominated Post: “Who Are These People

Location: West of the Atlantic

Nominated by: Tom Arms

Tom Arms says: “I would very much like to nominate Not War and Peace for the Transatlantic diablog award. Eileen Riley is particularly suited for the award. Not only is she a former American diplomat living in London,but her offbeat insights and uniquely entertaining writing style are guaranteed to improve the laugh lines.


Blog Name: Remembering The 90s

Nominated Post: “TLC

Location: West of the Atlantic (We guess!)

Nominated by: A

A says: “I nominate the post entitled “TLC” from The post is a fun article about one of music’s biggest-selling groups, TLC. The post takes readers on a trip down memory lane with sweet words about and photos of the wonderful musical trio.


Artwork: Screenshots of the nominated blogs




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