The 2011 transatlantic diablog award – Voting’s in full swing…! [Twitter and Facebook updates]

(klick on the pic above to get to the voting booth)

So while our readers in Europe (mostly east of the Atlantic) are already voting, we now want to welcome the other side of the big pond.

Hello USA and Canada, hello Asia, Australia and South America. Feel free to join in. Klick here to vote!

For the Europeans, as promised, some info on how they have voted so far. Well, “Peas and Cougars” obviously has a few fans… More facts to follow.

Here’s some feedback from the worlds of Twitter and Facebook. The list is constantly updated. So send us the link if you tweet (hastag #transatlanticdiablog) or post anywhere else.!/JessicaDBWard/status/147710360982519809!/vebahood/status/147676402978787328!/publikworks/status/147430878279254016!/NorthwestButter/status/147345045014593537!/DeathOfPeas/status/147285128668905472!/lethemeatkate/status/147295930318716928!/MsMahogAnee/status/147320291448725504!/BellaForStar/status/147314555201134592



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