The 2011 transatlantic diablog award – How people have voted so far…

Thank you very much to all of you who have voted since Thursday, December 15. Many people, much more than expected, have entered the voting booth. And there are still a few days left until it’s closing…

Votings are secret until we will announce the winner blog, but as promised here are some ideas on how you have voted.

First of all: Three nominees could still do better. It’s Cork Grips, maedchenmitherz (we didn’t expected that) and fernexpress. All of them are around 3 percent and less of all votes. C’mon guys, it’s still time to vote. Jessia from The Mental Ward shows you how. She’s among the top 5 at the moment.

Second: We have three couples of nominees with the same amount of votes. Remembering the 90s and the transatlantic traveller. Northwest butter and publikworks and Love thy bike and The Mental Ward. Four of them are among the top 5, too.

More insights later.

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