New Year, New Face and News…

So the voting period for the 2011 transatlantic diablog award has ended as 2012 arrived. And we can say: We have a winner. That’s news #1. The winner and all the other positions will be revealed in the coming days. Here’s the place to check!

News #2: The ongoing Major Makeover of the transatlantic diablog has started. We are updating all the topics, trends and trivia at the moment. More space for photos, graphics, stories and everything else now. Some new things added, too. More on that here. And check out our new footer (just scroll down) with some special stuff.

News #3 is a message to you: All the best for the new year from the transatlantic diablog crew – east and west of the Atlantic. Thanks for joining. You’re welcome. Your opinions and comments below, please…




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