The 2011 transatlantic diablog award – WINNER!


After yesterday’s announcement, the detailed results now.

If you still don’t know which blog won, just watch the video above. For the full ranking… 

The full ranking:

1. Peas and Cougars 21.3 %
2. Footballists 15.38 %
2. Not War and Peace 15.38 %
3. The Mental Ward 10.95 %
4. Love Thy Bike 10.65 %
5. Northwest Butter 8.58 %
6. Let Them Eat Kate 8.28 %
7. publikworks 4.73 %
8. Remembering The 90s 2.66 %
9. The transatlantic traveller 2.07 %
10. cork grips 0 %
11. maedchenmitherz 0 %
12. fernexpress 0 %

Some facts:

So we have four blogs in the top 3. With Footballists being the real shooting star of the final hours. From position 8 to 2. Also congratulations to Not War and Peace. Position three, and also well deserved, for The Mental Ward. She has many readers, but not all of them voted.

It’s a bit sad that three blogs did not get a single vote of the many many votes. Sorry for that, cork grips, fernexpress and maedchenmitherz.

Special mention also for Northwest Butter and Remembering The 90s, both hosted by

Love Thy Bike and Let Them Eat Kate, same as Peas and Cougars, are the blogs that responded the most to our information attacks… Many retweets and facebook posts from them. Thanks.

And finally publikworks on position 7 said it best: “Woohoo, I’ll be there! Good luck, everyone.


Every nominee a winner. See you next time.



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