Letters Of Note, SellaBand: So funding is fun? But what’s that exactly?

(klick on the image for an animated version)

The internet makes things easier. Just guess how difficult it would be for us and very other blogger to send out a printed copy of every new post?

The other side of the phenomenon is that everybody can now (trying to) be a musician, filmmaker, writer or journalist. For less money but not for free. So funding combines two worlds. Present a project, whether it is a book, an album or a busniness idea, and let people who like it give some money in advance.

What they get back is a stakeholder idea and/or benefit.

Take Letters of Note, for example. Started as a collection of famous, funny and “fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes, and memos” it now became a book.


Or do you know SellaBand? It’s a platform for musicians that want to find sponsors for an album or tour to do.

“SellaBand is the online platform where music fans from all over the world fund the music projects of independent artists.”

(Artwork: Screenshot of the website)

Sellaband’s live charts of featured artists via this link.

What do you think, makes people promote projects? Which project would you support? Tell us your thoughts or post links to other related websites.



4 thoughts on “Letters Of Note, SellaBand: So funding is fun? But what’s that exactly?

  1. You’re welcome Kay. Love new things? Come back here for some smartphone facts and fails and an interview with the winner of the 2011 transatlantic diablog award. Both upcoming…

  2. Glad you like the surprise song. It’s part of our new design. You’re right, the video and the song are both great. We hide the video to focus on the music. The song changes from time to time, so stay tuned…

    A happy new year to you, too. We like your blog…

  3. Liked your surprise song – Holocene – which was unknown to me before. But what a shame to hide the video, it’s really nice!

    I wish you a happy new year!

    Der Point.


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