The Jezabels: Touring east and west of the Atlantic, but coming from… (Alert: Next Big thing, maybe…)

(Artwork: Screenshots from the video below)

This a band to watch. The Jezabels from Australia. Two women (vocals and keys) and two men (guitar and drums) who recently released their debut album “Prisoner” – some EPs are also available…

Off-mainstream lyrics and really high-speed drums. The latter a trademark of the sound that could be indie, but also could echo through large arenas.

YouTube commenters are sometimes, and really not always, an indicator for good. That’s what they write about The Jezabels.

I wish you could come to Brazil. Your songs make me feel better!” says “ell7viper”, while “TheMeanor” calls them “Such a wonderful band. You guys really deserve all the best. Ps: Please come to Montreal?“.

Below a song from one of their EPs featured in a sort of touring documentary. First watch that and then the related videos.


The Jezabels recently toured both sides of the Atlantic. But as they say on their Facebook they will come back “soon, soon, soon!


Ticket information via the tweeted link.




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