What’s Up for 2012, Detlev Zobel? – Interview with The Transatlantic Traveller

We ask people, experts in various fields, what to expect from the year. Personal and in general. “What’s Up For 2012?

This time with Detlev Zobel, well-known for the web-series “the transatlantic traveller”. He travelled the world starting in the 1960s as he worked for German chancellor Adenauer – educating people of India and South America. Later he was in charge of the German pavillon at the EXPO World Fair. Meeting presidents and celebrities. Now that he has retired he still can’t sit still… So, what to expect…?

tdb: Although and after you’ve retired from working for the German Government and the EXPO World Fair you are still traveling. Why and how do you travel today?

DZ.: You can’t chuck traveling like an old coat, after doing it for 40 years. Planes almost felt like home to me. It’s like a virus. You just have to keep traveling. And since I have many good friends in various part of the world, I have been to Mexico, Japan, Uruguay, Argentina, South Africa, Hungary, the United States, the Caribbean, Central America and the Persian Gulf after I have retired.

tdb: You and some friends are doing an annual motorbike trip to special parts of the world. In 2011 you’ve been to Colorado. What’s up for 2012?

DZ.: It changes every second year. One year we travel Europe with our own motorbikes. The next year we are anywhere else in the world. In 2012 we’ll go through the Pyrenees. North of the Pyrenees from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic coast and then back to the Mediterranean Sea on the Spanish side of the Pyrenees… That’s the European trip. In the following year, in 2013, we are planning to travel the highest passes of the world in the Himalayas. It’s outside of Europe, so we lend some motorbikes. We already signed the contracts with the Indian organizers…

tdb: What’s so special about those trips? Or about trips by motorbike in general?

DZ.: Motorbike trips through foreign countries are always special and full of adventures. That’s how you really learn to know a country and its people.

tdb: How many motorbike trips will you have this year?

DZ.: There will be between six and eight roadtrips in 2012. Apart from Germany we’ll also drive through and to France, Spain and Austria.

tdb: You know both sides of the Atlantic. What do you think people will mostly talk about in Europe and the United States this year? The main topics?

DZ.: In the United states it will be about the election of the next US-President. The Europeans will have to cope with the European Union and the stability of the EURO, their currency.

tdb: What are your personal plans for the year?

DZ.: It starts with a motorbike trip to Bavaria. To some special wells in Franconia around Easter. After that we have the trip throught the Pyrenees and an international meeting of Rockets. Rockets are English Triumph Motorbikes with a cubic capacity of 2.3 litres and a weight of 600 kilogram. In September, I think, I go to the European Bike Week in Austria near the Faaker See. That’s the largest motorbike meeting in Europe.


For more information on the transatlantic traveller check out the official website.

Upcoming: Come back to the transatlantic diablog in the coming days for a Photo Report of Detlev Zobel’s 2011 motorbike trip to Colorado, USA. We will have some amazing photos…

More exclusive “What’s Up For 2012?” interviews also upcoming…



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