The future (of) education: How we study this year!

What’s Up For 2012 in terms of studying: School, College, University and/or job?

The good folks of THOUGHT FOR FOOD recently discovered how to put a textbook in a little device called iPad. Useful and a pretty good business idea, too.

Or like admin of THOUGHT FOR FOOD says: “I finished college a couple years ago and still can’t believe I was reading textbooks from the 70s & 80s — it’s educating the future generation for a world that has already passed. Apple is truly doing some amazing things with its technology.

But what else to expect?

(Photo: Screenshot of

There are teachers and profs who incorporate the not so new world of new technologies into their classes. Like putting information into (is this the right term) computer clouds or on servers/websites to make them available for anybody.

Harvard University for example tweets “updates on teaching, research, life and learning”. Like this one here:


Ever wanted to got famous Yale University in New Haven? You can without paying the also famous fees. This here a video showing Professor Kleiner at work: “12. The Creation of an Icon: The Colosseum and Contemporary Architecture in Rome”


Whole class in the video above. Some transatlantic history for you. This way of teaching only works one way. No questions allowed. And be sure we cannot check how long you watch…




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