Greenland, Global Warming and Human Interference (contains an exclusive film via Nowness)

(Artwork: Contains Screenshots of this movie)

“Filmmakers Glen Milner and Ben Hilton Witness the Greenland’s First Dawn of the Year. Set against the expansively beautiful and iridescent landscape of Northern Greenland, Glen Milner and Ben Hilton’s subtle and touching short visits the annual sun-welcoming ritual of the country’s Inuit population, which celebrates the dawn after more than 40 days of complete winter darkness. Following the daily routine of an Inuit ice fisherman and his son, Return of the Sun examines the affects of the changing climate on their livelihood and community […]” [source]

But how imminent is it now? Did the sea level rise? Is the climate changing? And why is it? Watch the full movie after the jump…

(Video via Nowness)

Concentrating on Greenland (located west of the Atlantic, owned by easts) scientists found out that a rise of 3 degrees Celsius would make Greenland green indeed. Less sunlight would be reflected back from the icy grounds into the sky and temperature would increase by more than 7 degrees Clesius. Greenland’s glaciers decreased by 89% in the last 55 years. [source]

But is this all due to human interference?

A team of researchers from Frankfurt in southwest Germany found out that 60% of the effects are caused by human beings. From people who drive cars, to people who run factories, to animals that are be eupeptic.



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