“What’s Up For 2012, Love Thy Bike?” – Interview with the runner of the Bike/Photography-Blog

“What’s Up For 2012?”. We ask people of various fields about what to expect from the year. Starting with the transatlantic traveller, we now get in touch with the runner of the famous “Love Thy Bike” blog. Remember her? She was one of the nominees for the 2011 transatlantic diablog award. Finally being voted as third-best blog of the year.

That for the past. Now we look into the future. Currently she is/was in America biking Red Rocks. And now she reveals her plans for future bicycle trips and tells us how bike-friendly London is. 

tdb: You do a lot of cycling and photographing. How come you put up a blog combining both?

ltb: I use to write to my Dad a lot about my travels and share my photos with him. When he passed away so suddenly I still felt the need to write so a blog seemed a good idea. I loved to share my adventures with him and I suppose I am now doing that to a wider audience.

tdb: Looking back. What was the most specatuclar or interesting bicycle-trip you did so far?

ltb: I have had many wonderful journeys on my bicycle I really couldn’t name one specific one as they have all been spectacular!

tdb: What is your bike of choice?

ltb: I would have to say any good hybrid bike – especially when you are bike touring they are easier to cycle on when you have gone off road and the terrain gets a bit rough.

tdb: You are currently living in London. How bike-friendly is the town?

ltb: London has become very bike friendly over the past few years – there has been an increase of cycle paths/ trails. The city is in the process of making it more accessibility for cyclists to be on the roads and it is a positive thing. There are still improvements needed and I am sure these will be made as more and more people take to using bicycles.

tdb: Your recent post are about the United States. How come you’re there and what’s different to biking east of the Atlantic?

ltb: I was in the United States on a stop over on my way to New Zealand to visit my family. The difference is that the U.K has an amazing cycling network (Sustrans) that cover England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. There are trails to be found in every part where as America lacks that sort of network. You have to hunt down and find trails or places to cycle, but once they are found you can be in cycle heaven!

(Photos: Taken from Love Thy Bike blog)

tdb: Having a passion for and blog about cycling you seem to hit a nerve. Do you think cycling becomes more important in times of global warming, carbon footprints and healthy living in general?

ltb: Cycling is a fabulous way to get out and about – I believe it is the most effective way to travel locally and it would be great to see less people in cars and on bicycles especially in a city.

tdb: What do you think will be the topics people and especially bloggers will be talking about this year?

ltb: Every one has different tastes and beliefs and this year will hopefully be one where people cover a wide range of topics just to keep everything interesting!

tdb: Are there any personal plans for 2012 you like to share? Any special trips upcoming?

ltb: To obtain a new job and possibly spend summer in France cycling along its winding tarmac…. bliss!

More information at Love Thy Bike and via Facebook.

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