What’s Up For 2012? Interview w. Fashion Manager and Photographer Marc Goellnitz

For “What’s Up for 2012?” we ask people, experts in various fields, what to expect from the year.

This time with long-time Fashion Manager and Expert Marc Goellnitz from Berlin. He worked for various global and European companies over the last 20 years. Having contact to designers as well as consumers he knows what to expect in terms of fashion. Mainstream and Off-Mainstream. For more information or questions on Marc Goellnitz contact our offices.

tdb: The most important question first: What’s a fashion must-have for women and men this year?

MG.: As long as you are confident enough, you never need to be told what a must have is. Be and express yourself and smile like you mean it (thx to the Killers).

tdb: Are there any colours you need to wear?

MG.: Millions to wear, but not all fit everyone. Stay yourself and don’t get dressed-up.

tdb: Which fashion item will disappear in 2012? In other words: The no-go, please!

MG.: If only I knew… but I would prefer not to see too many girls in nude tights combined with open shoes or even high heels. In case of men, don’t wear sandals or flip-flops as longs as you are not from Southern Europe, have a sunny teint and are generally “good” looking….

tdb: Although you are under 40, you’ve seen a lot of things in the fashion world. Any funny stories?

MG.: Way too little space here to tell something about it… But stay tuned and watch out for a soon coming “retail stories” blog…

tdb: What topics or trends will people talk about in 2012 – apart from fashion?

MG.: Everything from serious to trash – even though I would wish for less trash and more serious topics, never forget to smile and laugh.

tdb: What are your personal plans for 2012?

MG.: The year of the dragon [Editor’s note: Chinese horoscope] seems to have quite some challenges and opportunities for me to work with and the major plan is to face those, work them out, stay tuned and healthy and kick some ass in the second half…


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