25 Years of ERASMUS – Bungee, Snow Mobiles and, well studying!

ERASMUS, short name for the much longer “EuRopean Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students”, is a European Union (EU) student exchange programme established in 1987. It brings students abroad and only has a few requirements for them: Students must be studying for a degree or diploma at a tertiary-level institution and must have completed their first year. [source]

But as you might expect from those college folks, it’s not only about studying. Unknown student: “”ERASMUS is a lot more than a studying experience. For me it is a way to look at the world with new eyes, to feel and discover new emotions and learn what is not written in the textbooks.” [source]

It seems the University College Dublin (UCD) is the place to start from. Check out these videos by commerce student Kieran who went to New Zealand to bungess jump.


Nursing student Cillian went on exchange to Finland – one of the trip highlights was dog sledding (sleighing)…


Klick here to see Cillian doing some snowmobiling in Lapland.

But guess what, for you who likes some cultural experiences, we found this blog diary by a guy who went to the University of Malta.

If you need some help planning to travel with ERASMUS you can check out erasm.us. It’s an unreleated website offering some advice and help.

At least that’s what Michal Juda, creator of erasm.us says: “Few years ago, when I was going on my Erasmus I had no idea what to expect. New school, new city and completely no information. It was then that I thought about a website that lets young people share their experiences from studying abroad. Few years later I am very happy to introduce you to erasm.us – the Erasmus helping hand, a must-be place for every student interested in foreign exchange programs.

They are on Twitter, too. But not very active…


Another helpful website is ESN.org. They work “in the interest of international students.”

25 years of ERASMUS. Your stories in a comment below…



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