Black aka Colin Vearncombe – Exclusive Interview with the transatlantic diablog (Part 1 & 2)

Part 1 and 2 of our 40 minutes interview.

In the aftermath of our article about Black’s new songs (he offered as a free download on his website), we now present you an exclusive interview with Colin Vearncombe. Being in Cologne/Germany for a television show, he agreed to have a chat with us in a hotel close to Cologne Cathedral. Also on location was Andy Patterson a musician himself and the man who mixed some of Black’s new songs.

With mostly all parts of Europe suffering from very low temperatures a very welcoming Colin Vearncombe spoke about his recent album “Any Colour You Like”, full of songs his fans chose, about playing shows in Ireland and Istanbul, his ideas on how music could be published in the future and about hisย upcoming projects.

The two songs Black had released in January 2012, “Black Cat” and “Stop At Nothing”, both have an obvious Irish influence. So was it intentional or did it happen because Black lives Cork for almost a decade? Hear his answer below/after the jump.


Listen to the next part of the interview to hear what the experience Black mentioned at the end of part 1 is about. After that he also speaks about musician Leonard Cohen and attending one of his recent shows…


So what’s the world we and Black want to live in? Come back here tomorrow for an album review of Black’s latest release “Any Colour You Like”. And the day after tomorrow brings you the 3rd and 4th part of our exclusive interview.

Black gives us some insights on how his song “Paradise” was written and recorded. He’s also revealing how he approaches song-writing these days and if there are any new tracks

Additional reading:
Official web-page of “Any Colour You Like”

Special thanks to Mr. Colin Vearncombe and Andy Patterson
Interview and Audio/Video-Postproduction: Lars Goellnitz
Photography and Video-/Sound-Recording: Marc Goellnitz


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