Black aka Colin Vearncombe – Exclusive Interview with the transatlantic diablog (Part 3 & 4)

Part 3 and 4 of our 40 minutes interview. And here are the first two parts.

The transatlantic diablog had the opportunity to have a chat with Black aka Colin Vearncombe as he was in Cologne in early February 2012. Being there for a TV-show, he spent an evening with us at his hotel speaking about the special concerts he played together with Irish musician and composer Maurice Seezer back in November 2012.

Thoughtful and open as he is, Black also reveals some song-writing secrets…

Listen to the 3rd and 4th part of the exclusive interview below/after the jump


So how does Black approach songwriting these days? Does a song start with a guitar idea or are there other ways to write? And what’s a full hour’s final song he would play as a radio DJ…?


Our full 3 days package of the interview, extra information and an album review via this link. Feel free to comment and share… Messages to Mr. Vearncombe are also welcome. (We’ll send them to him…)

Additional reading:
Black aka Colin Vearncombe on Facebook
Istanbul Show in March 2012

Special thanks to Mr. Colin Vearncombe and Andy Patterson
Interview and Audio/Video-Postproduction: Lars Goellnitz
Photography and Video-/Sound-Recording: Marc Goellnitz


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