The women of the (fake) Placebus – Ways of treating an untreatable disease…!

Check out this “[…] documentary about a bus station, and their bizarre events, which happen when the busdriver [is] called Godot” [source] by German filmmaker Michael Binz. It’s one of the first films he made and not about the rather unusual 4:3 dimensions of the film but about the topic.

The story behind the movie reveals ways of coping with 21st century illnesses, which of course existed earlier, but weren’t discussed that much. Sad and positively moving at the same time.

It’s about people diagnosed with alzheimers and dementia.


New forms of living together with people suffering from those diseases have to be found. Not so long ago, family members helped the aged and most of the time live together with them. That changed for various reasons.

New ideas are the so-called models of assisted living. Living arrangements in which people with special needs, especially seniors with disabilities, reside in a facility that provide help with everyday tasks.

Often a question of financial power.

Ever heard of a 7 way strategy to cope with early dementia? Read more about that via Aging Parents Authority.

A future topic with increasing importance…




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